Dr. Raul Destura the inventor of Biotek-M Aqua Kit

Raul Destura of UP Manila’s National Institute of Health won the gold in the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland in its Invitational Conference.

Knowing the urgency and scope of the problem of Dengue Fever infection in the country, Destura developed the Biotek-M Aqua Kit that utilizes polymerase reaction technology to detect the Dengue Fever virus in less than an hour. What makes it more accessible to Filipinos is that it is more affordable than conventional Dengue Fever diagnostic kits and systems.

Destura received funding grants while conducting research and development for the diagnostic kit from the DOST Grants-in-Aid program, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development and Technicom.

“I’m simply honored that our Filipino technology has been recognized by the international scientific community as relevant and important, and that it addresses a very common health need such as access to early diagnosis for dengue infection,” Destura told

The Philippines sent two competitors in the competition and both won the gold medal for their inventions and this is out of 226 entries in the competition.

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