WAH Initiative at the HealthTech Challenge

It is acknowledged that the public healthcare system in the rural areas of the country does not meet the need of the said population sector. The rural population accounts for 60% of the entire population of the country.

Local health governance is now being given the attention it has been needing. Using technology not available 10 years ago, access to quality health-related data by local health professionals, the local chief executives in the rural LGUs and policy makers will benefit from WAH. 

The Wireless Access for Health Initiative (WAH) is a result of a public-private partnership that goes back to the year 2009.  Currently, the WAH Initiative is partnered with over 100 Local Government Units (LGUs) and is involved in assisting the LGUs to improve and manage their local health units with the use of the WAH Digital Platform.

WAH consolidates process management innovations, wireless, mobile, and digital communications technologies that result in a clinic-centered health information platform that is used in Rural Health Units (RHUs) by health workers and professionals.

WAH is used to collate, store and transmit information from the RGHUs to their LGU Health Office and Provincial Health Office. The information and data is critical in the decision-making process of their LGUs and Provincial governments.

Aside from transmittal and storage of data, WAH is able to generate reports that are compliant with the format of the Department of Health (DOH).

This enables the decision makers to have accurate data for analyzing, evaluating and determining the healthcare requirements of their constituencies.

Patient records are easily retrieved by healthcare professionals thus this speeds up the process of checking up and visiting patients resulting in more patients getting care.

Currently, the system has grown to 106 clinics in 65 municipalities, 4 cities, and 24 provinces across the Philippines six of which are Geographically  Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA). 

Using laptops, PDAs and Tablets, the WAH system is used in the collation of data, organizing data and even analysis. Patients are also given access to information, provides health and wellness related education.

The WAH Initiative recently won 3rd Place in the HealthTech Challenge competition held at the Asian Institute Of Management and was organized by the Swiss Embassy and the AIM in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Switzerland.

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