The National Telehealth Center (NTHC) commemorated its 19th Anniversary last July 27, 2017. The event included symposia on its advocacies, projects, and programs that utilize technology. These technologies help bring public health services to Filipinos that are otherwise unable to access such services due to barriers in distance and affordability.

The NTHC continues to engage the people with regards to their healthcare needs by harnessing the power of technology. The current ubiquitous use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, the internet, and other medical devices help bring healthcare to disadvantaged and remote Filipinos. 

This enhances the capabilities and capacities of public healthcare professionals in bridging the gap that is existing with regards to public healthcare.

The Program Areas of the NTHC’s eHealthcare are the following:


This program gives assistance to the Department of Health (DOH) Doctors to the Barrios and Municipal Health Officers by providing e-Health Telemedicine tools so that health management of patients with special needs in healthcare can be serviced.

It is also the platform where Telereferrals are transmitted wherein experts will be available for diagnosis and treatment protocols needed by patients in remote and disadvantaged areas. This includes the RxBox program that was developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

eLearning and Capacity Building

Seminars, research, and training are provided to public health workers with regards to eHealth. Available innovative technologies are used so as to health information be available to the public and help in health care decision making and policies.


The Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) is a government Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that has garnered awards and is now being fully used in Quezon City, Pasay City, and Navotas City.  


This system gives Local Chief Executives (LCEs) data and information about their localities with regards to health indicators that will be important in their decision-makings.

This also features data on critical life-saving services.

eHealth Policy Advocacy

NTHC is at the forefront in formulating e-Health Policy Research and its advocacy is geared for enhanced multi-sectoral partnerships and collaboration.

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