New RXBox at the 2017 National Science and Technology Week

During the 2017 National Science and Technology Week, the new RxBox was presented on exhibit. HealthTech.PH has already featured the RxBox in its publications before and the new RxBox is proof of the success it has been in the public health sector.

The RxBox is the result of the cooperation between the National Telehealth Center, The DOST and UP Diliman. According to Dr. Portial Marcelo, director of the National Telehealth Center, the RxVBox can also function as a diagnostic tool since it can monitor the patient’s  heart rate, pulse rate, blood and blood oxygenation. The RxBox enables remote consultations between patients, community health workers, and urban based experts. 

The RxBox is deployed in remote rural communities and communities that have a high poverty incidence. This is very important to the public health sector since statistics cite that 60% of Filipinos die without seeing doctors and professional medical practitioners. This is more evident in remote rural areas. 

The RXBox maximizes the capabilities of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is now more prevalent. Thus, the use of the RxBox has enabled accessibility to a wider range of Filipino citizens for their healthcare needs.

The RxBox is capable of the following:

1. Blood Pressure Monitor
2. Measurement of oxygen in the patient’s blood
3. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
4. Fetal Heart Monitor
5. Maternal Tocometer
6. Thermometer for the patient’s temperature.

The RxBox is deployed in 17 regions of the country.

The presence of the RxBox in the recently concluded National Science and Technology Week brings to the fore the continued commitment of the various agencies involved in improving the public health services of the government.

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