Dengue Fever Carrier: A.aegypti Mosquito

This is the rainy season in the Philippines and the prevalence of Dengue cases are expected to increase. Dengue Fever can cause death to its victims particularly those who have not been given quick medical attention. This is a virus borne disease that causes internal hemorrhage on the victim. There is no known cure for Dengue Fever.

Dengue is a Hemorrhagic Fever brought by the bite of the A.aegypti mosquito. The mosquito thrives on stagnant water and due to population pressure, the environment becomes conducive to the breeding of this mosquito.

These are usually found in depressed areas where there is a high population density and stagnant water can be found in containers, old tires and even sewers.

Thus, the victims of this disease are mostly from the poor communities.

In order to address this, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) seeks to prevent such outbreaks of Dengue Fever by disseminating information to the population at the quickest possible time. Aside from advisories being made via traditional forms such as leafleting and community assemblies, DOST has developed a Dengue Vector Surveillance Website, http://dengue.pchrd.dost.gov.ph in order to provide more accurate and timely information.

The website provides a map with locators on Dengue cases and lists known communities and schools that are affected by Dengue Outbreaks or Cases.

The website is GIS mapped that facilitates visualization of current mosquito indices in public elementary and high schools nationwide.

It also serves as a Dengue Alert System.

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