Nokia which acquired Withings of France last 2016 is now rebranding these health monitoring and recording products.

It was announced in the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain. By then, all Withings devices will be sold under the brand of Nokia.

Nokia’s newly branded health offering includes smart, connected devices such as watches, scales, a thermometer and blood pressure monitors, all designed for daily monitoring of parameters such as physical activity, weight, blood pressure, sleep, heart rate and more.

The devices such as watches, scales, blood pressure monitors and thermometers  are designed to monitor physical activity, weight, blood pressure, sleep and heart rate.

 These devices such as the Nokia Steel watches can track daytime activity, rest and sleep. With the thermometer, it has 16 infrared sensors that can take temperature readings from the temple to the side of the head.

An algorithm ensures that the readings will be most accurate since the sensors can take up to 4,000 readings in 2 seconds.

A connected hairbrush can analyze the quality of the user’s hair.

Health data can be stored in the Nokia Health Mate app. This will record the complete health history of the user. Trends can be monitored by the app and is useful in following wellness programs and data collation that can be utilized in improving the user’s health.

These devices can enable the user to check and monitor all kinds of their personal health data daily.

Nokia has been keeping up with new trends in electronic medical records keeping, vital signs monitoring and health technology applications.

These are stand alone or can be used to connect with other devices and will allow a more complete and comprehensive health related information that can be used in monitoring the health conditions of the users. Particularly, these can be very useful in cases of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension management of the users and their doctors.

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