In our first edition of #SmartphonesAndHealth, we talked about Dr. Eric J. Topol and how he pointed out that thanks to technology, patients are already in increasing control of their personal healthcare. We described how Dr. Topol presented anecdotes of patients finding relief for their conditions, through the use of tech. In today’s #SmartphonesAndHealth, we give you three of those tools.

Please remember that a conclusive diagnosis, especially the course of the treatment you may choose to take, still needs to be under the supervision of a trained and licensed medical professional, especially for chronic, acute, or terminal conditions.

Diagnostics: WebMD [Android | iOS]. WebMD is possibly the most comprehensive website on health conditions and how they can be managed. This smartphone app is very handy for checking your symptoms on the go, as well as the therapy and management your doctor recommended. If you’re worried about a sudden onset of migraine and need to wait till morning to visit your GP, you could check your symptoms through this app. Please don’t go off and conclude that you have brain cancer, however.

Visual Diagnostics: SkinVision [Android | iOS]. This was one of the apps mentioned by Dr. Eric J. Topol in his book, The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands.” If you’re prone to mole growths, or if a skin lesion is giving you cause for worry, this may prove handy for giving you the initial diagnosis.

Check Your Medications: Drugs.com [Android | iOS]. While this is an excellent resource for checking the medications that your doctor prescribed, this app is not recommended for those who are addicted to self-medication. Always check with your GP or specialist about the meds you are taking, and please read the sections on contraindications and drug interactions. And as all medical professionals advise, please do not take alcohol with your meds. They increase the metabolism, absorption, and excretion of medications. For some medications, alcohol increases the blood concentration, while for others, it decreases it. Read more from WebMD.

While Dr. Topol lauds how patients are getting smarter and may be able to manage their health conditions in cooperation with their respective physicians, it is still encouraged, even urged, that we all stay responsible and informed with how we take care of our respective bodies. A healthy diet and lifestyle punctuated with exercise is a must, and please be cautioned against “herbal remedies.” While going all-natural may help your existing health condition, there is no guarantee that it could present a cure.

With the help of smartphones and the internet, though, the care of your health is now in your hands. Nearly literally.

See you next week for another edition of #SmartphonesAndHealth!


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