A Filipino health technology startup is about to make local radiologists be among the best worldwide.

Recognizing that the Philippines has a dearth of trained and professional radiologists, Lifetrack Medical Systems (LifeSys) radiology information systems, picture archiving and software will enable radiologists and/or a  team of radiologists to transmit scans and x-rays using cloud computing technology to other radiologists locally or abroad for analysis and evaluation.

This was disclosed by Dr. Eric Schulze, CEO of LifeSys.  The LifeSys system utilizes Data Analytics technology that will assist radiologists in making diagnosis from Big Data.

LifeSys patented its RadNav system which is a radiologist guidance system using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is capable of cloud computing. 

“When you’re doing radiology, there’s a lot of information that you have to remember,” Schulze pointed out. “So if we want to create radiologists who can leverage that knowledge base, then we make that available… It doesn’t matter if it’s a US or a Filipino radiologist.” Dr. Schulze disclosed.

The report generation of the system although based in the country can even be better that most reports from the US because of the software engineering used to develop the system.

Another reason why this can be a game changer in the Philippine radiological field is that the country has a large number of medical schools that has the potential of utilizing teleradiology and thus harnessing the optimum use for LifeSys.

“There’s not enough doctors in the world, especially in emerging markets,” “It turns out the Philippines has more medical schools than any other country in the region per capita.” Added Dr. Schulze.

The English language proficiency of Filipino professionals is also a factor since English is the official language of Medicine.

Currently, the Philippines is estimated to have only 1,500 radiologists to service its 104 million population. This is a little better than Indonesia with its 1,000 to 1,5000 radiologists.provide help to 100 million Filipinos, while in Indonesia, whose population of 250,000,000, there are only about 1,000 to 1,500 radiologists and fewer than 2,000 hospitals.

LifeSys recently partnered with Ayala Corp.’s FamilyDOC retail health clinics, Healthway Medical and other local institutions for use of the software.

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