HealthTech.PH continues to support the 3rd HealthXPh Healthcare and Social Media Summit this coming April 25, 2017 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu City. During the 2nd HealthXPH Healthcare and Social Media Summit held last year, patients and caregivers were already included.

This year’s summit will also make the patients and caregivers participate in formulating policies, guidelines and researches that will directly benefit these stakeholders in Philippine healthcare. 

This enabled the patients and caregivers  be an integral part even before the summit itself in the design and planning of the conference, that includes selection of themes, topics and speakers.

 In fact, one of the co-organizers is a dialysis patient, Dr. Narciso Tapia. Together with a community of patients such as DialysisPh and PsoriasisPh, they have endorsed topics and speakers for the summit.

The experiences and of patients and caregivers will be presented and shared in the summit so as to draw from such a well of information in managing, treating and to point out areas for much needed research that will benefit these stakeholders. They will also be part of the pool of speakers that will impart real-life experiences with regards to such a debilitating and progressive illness.

The organizers have ensured that these valuable resources be brought to the fore during thi summit since the information generated will be of great importance with regards to the outcome of the summit and even beyond it.

The organizers have already paid for the travel and accommodations of the patients and caregivers that will participate, part of the pool of resource speakers and be delegates themselves in this event.

The summit is also designed in such a way that those patients that have disabilities can participate in all applicable sessions, ancillary meetings  and programs with their requirements for mobility and convenience in mind. This also covers dietary and food preferences for the patient/participants/delegates since wellness is also part of the event design. 

The summit is also available in live streaming for free so as to accommodate the “virtual” participants and would be available in various social media platforms.

The 3rd HealthXPh Healthcare and Social Media Summit’s theme for this year is “Social Media and Health Research: Connections that Matter”. Indeed, all avenues for connections have been explored and implemented for this year’s summit.

HaelthTech.PH initially published the event last March 21, 2017. This is the link for the initial posting by HealthTech.Ph: http://www.healthtech.ph/2017/03/philippine-healthcare-and-social-media.html

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