The recently held Hackathon by HealthHacks had 80 participants and that comprised 20 teams. The hackathon last Feb 4 – 5, 2017 generated 20 technology driven solutions for healthcare and the medical field. Developing and coding the solutions overnight within a span of 20 hours, these solutions were generated after undergoing mentorship from a diverse group of consultants ranging from technical to business acumen of mentors.

The hackathon participants came from colleges and universities with those as young as senior high school and college level students. 

Team YouthHack developed a smartphone app that would help in ensuring that Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) be done properly and correctly. Citing statistics on the mortality rate of heart attack victims, the timely application of  CPR will spell the difference between life and death. Upon utilization  of the app at a time of emergency, the smartphone will tell through voice prompts if the procedure is being done correctly by the one conducting the CPR. 
CPR Monitor
This will be very useful for frontline responders or even those who are trained in basic life support when faced with an emergency situation.

Another app developed is called HazMap. This app enables the user to check any locality in the country for health hazards such as Dengue Clusters or any outbreak of any disease. It uses GPS together with drawing health data from institutions in the area. It features demographics and will give the user data on the health hazards in the locality.

This will also enable the users to determine the health safety concerns of their loved ones by updating health hazards in schools or any community they might be travelling to.

Team OZONE conceptualized a Fitness oriented app. It is akin to a health app pretending to be a Role Playing Game.  Its core function is to give points to those who play the game which in reality is a series of activities that will generate wellness for the user. E reward can be discounts to health related and wellness products that will enable them to have fun will living a healthy lifestyle.

 HealthTech.PH covered the event and observed the process being made by the participants. HealthHacks is now on its 2nd year and garnered more participants this year. 

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