At the afterparty of the recently concluded Ms. Universe Beauty Competition, the newly-crowned Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere disclosed that dental health will be her main campaigns during her one year reign.

Stunning at the red carpet in Okada Manila, the 23 year old beauty queen is currently pursuing a degree in dental surgery. She disclosed that dental health was as much as important as any health issues in the body.

Citing that there is currently a dearth in dental healthcare expertise in her country, she would  focus on charity dental healthcare. “I’m going to be a dentist. This is a big problem in my country, and in a lot of countries,” Mittenaere said.

“So I really want to help children and adults, ‘cause this is a problem I know very well,” she said. The new Miss Universe also said that winning the Miss Universe will add weight to her campaign for dental health awareness. It was the Christiane Martel who last won the Ms. Universe for France and now, the distance of the event gives the momentum for her dental healthcare campaign.

Dental and oral healthcare has been evolving in terms of technology and Ms. Universe Iris Mittenaire will need to be at the forefront of the campaign. She will need to harness the power of technology to be most effective in her advocacy.

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With such a tool, Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere can have a service multiplier. That means, healthcare professionals can also avail of the benefits and advantages of the Medix System.
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