Photo by: Absolute Drinking Water

It is a positive breath of air to know that the world never runs out of benevolent people willing to extend their arms in aid of those in a much disadvantage than them.

Just recently, Absolute Drinking Water went around various public and private health institutions in Metro Manila to distribute about 3,000 Absolute mommy wellness kits.

The campaign is focused on the wellness of mothers by addressing key issues on infant development, after-birth physical recovery, and postpartum conditions. The event is set on the advocacy that when mothers are well taken care of, it brings out the best in them. This creates a bigger capacity to love and to nurture, which are the strong foundations of a beautiful and enriching motherhood. Absolute creates an avenue that honors and nurtures first-time mothers.

The gift-giving program accomodated atleast 400 babies and mothers including the maternity wards in Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. 


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