A blood warmer is used to warm blood or fluids prior to transfusion to a patient. Often used in emergency settings, operating rooms, and intensive care units to prevent hypothermia, the instrument warms blood to a temperature that is safe for infusion. Salient features include automatic adjustment of temperature to flow rate, an audible alarm system, and portability.

Southern Negros Doctor Hospital, a private hospital once operated by the Medical Associates Diagnostic Center Inc. ( MADCI), and headed by General Surgeon Enigardo B. Legislador Jr., was the first health institution in the whole island to use a blood warmer for patients undergoing blood transfusion. 

Using a blood warmer is indicated when more than 50% of the patient’s fluid volume is going to be replaced with a transfusion, or when blood is going to be infused very rapidly. Another consideration can be in surgery where several units of blood are necessary, and more might be needed later. To reduce the risk that the patient develops hypothermia from too many units of cold blood, a blood warmer can be used. It is important to set up the warmer in advance, because it needs some time to work, so if nurses think one might be needed, they may start pre-warming it to make it readily available.

Unfortunately, however, the leading hospital in Kabankalan City, a rising urban civilization in Southern Negros, closed sometime in December 2015 following a court order to vacate the property. 


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