Marvin Trecenio, Byron Jan Mairina and Justine Louise Villanueva, all students of Urdaneta City University (UCU) won the Php100,000 award from the Google Developers Group’s Android Masters. This is a competition between colleges for android programmers.

The four students developed NutriVision an app that provide nutrition facts.
193 colleges and universities participated in the competition and NutriVision won the top plum nothwitstanding that it was the first time for UCU to join the competition. It took 4 months for the team to develop the app. 

Another award for the app was for being the most downloaded application in a 2 week span. Trecenio said that NutriVision can be downloaded from Google Play with no payment. 

The app has four options, search food, capture food, browse for food photos and pronounce the name of the food.

With the “search food” option the user inputs the name of the food desired and its nutrition details will be provided. While the “capture food” feature enables the user to know the nutrition details of a food that the user took a picture of.

The app is useful in monitoring food intake with regards to healthy nutrition habits that will also be beneficial for those who have to watch their diets.

 “This is a work in progress. We are thinking of integrating in the app any food that is good for certain illnesses,” Limuel Ocay, UCU Team Adviser said.

The app can also be used when eating at fastfood places so as to know nutritional details. NutriVision has a rating of 4.5 in reviews in Google Play.

And to think that it just started with the four of them eating pizza on an afternoon.

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