You have a Health Technology story to tell? How about new health technology products and processes? Or you are into pioneering implementation of health care operation? Let HealthTech.PH tell your story.

Health Tech.PH is now the only online Health Technology industry journal in the Philippines. The journal has covered healthcare technology subjects ranging from public healthcare policy to new  developments such as nanotechnology.

The advocacy of Health Tech.PH is for the country to be informed about the fast pace of innovation and development in the country. This in turn will spur more interest in this 21st Century field wherein the health of the Filipino people will be paramount.

Health Tech.PH is open to publishing articles and stories that will contribute to awareness in such fields as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), locally developed equipment, information system for hospital and clinic operations, patient, doctor and hospital interfaces, new public health technology, and other relevant subjects.

You may contact us at philcourse.ph@gmail.com and/or mobile number (+63)9159963349.

Health Tech.PH is looking forward to telling “your” story.

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