Nutrition, nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials - food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive. In science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods.

Nestle, a world-renowned food company, speaks up of a strategy formulated for the nutrition preservation, maintenance and promotion of the general public. 

"With our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy we support people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Industry-leading research and development drives innovation and supports the constant renovation of our food and beverage portfolio. In addition, our researchers are exploring the role of nutritional therapies to maintain or improve health and investigating how we can help people look after their skin. By sharing our insights on global Nutrition, Health and Wellness challenges, by building partnerships and by engaging with policymakers, stakeholders and key opinion leaders we strive to have a positive impact on the societies in which we operate.

We empower people to make informed decisions when they choose what to eat. Through Start Healthy Stay Healthy, our interactive, sciencebased education programme, we help parents and caregivers provide their children with the nutrition they need in the crucial first 1000 days of life. Our United for Healthier Kids programme, takes this further, helping parents and caregivers establish healthier eating, drinking and lifestyle habits for children as they get older, and our Nestlé Healthy Kids programme is helping to deliver a healthier lifestyle for children by teaching nutrition and encouraging physical activity.

We are on track to deliver on our commitments to reduce the amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats in our products and remove trans fats, while maintaining consumer preference. We are enhancing our portion guidance and improving our labelling, printing GDAs (Guideline Daily Amounts) on the front of packs, making it easier for people to read them.

In recent years we have reinforced and expanded our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy with the creation of Nestlé Health Science and Nestlé Skin Health. Nestlé Health Science is advancing the role of nutritional therapy to change the course of health for consumers, patients and for our partners in healthcare. With Nestlé Skin Health we are entering the field of specialised medical skin treatment by offering science-based solutions for the health of skin, hair and nails over the course of people’s lives.

We strive to meet the fast-changing expectations of our consumers because like them, we care deeply about quality, food safety, the environment and sustainability. Responsible behaviour wherever we operate is at the very heart of what we do. It is our fundamental belief that for a company to prosper over the long term we need to create value for shareholders while at the same time creating value for society. We call this Creating Shared Value. Trusted leadership in Nutrition, Health and Wellness is our strategic ambition, 

Creating Shared Value is how we go about it. The inclusion of the Nestlé in society report, alongside this Annual Review and the Financial Statements in the 2015 Annual Report package, reflects how Creating Shared Value is fully embedded into internal management processes and the way we do business.

In addition, we have set out six strategic priorities. Firstly, Make Choices: put resources behind the ideas, products and categories that help us on our journey to recognised Nutrition, Health and Wellness leadership, and to deliver sustained financial performance. Secondly, Grasp Opportunities: see the opportunity in change and trends, and translate them into concrete business opportunities. The third is Value What Consumers Value: all that we do should create value for consumers and drive out waste. Fourth, Engage with Stakeholders: we want to be trusted by all consumers and stakeholders as a genuine and responsible member of the community. Fifth, Embrace Digital: deepen the connection with consumers through the growing e-commerce channel and through real-time listening, engagement and dialogue. Sixth is Win through People and Teams: we need the right people with the right capabilities and effective leadership at all levels to engage, empower and enable everyone to give their best.

As we strive to become a more agile and higher-performing organisation we ensure that we embed our strong culture and values across all our operating companies, especially those that are newly acquired, all within the framework of compliance which governs all that we do. We take a long-term view, framed in a robust set of principles and values that are based on respect: respect for people, respect for future generations, respect for the environment and respect for the diverse world we live in."

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