Medical science and healthcare have made strides in serving the demands of the world’s population with regards to more efficient, streamlined and accurate health services by using technology. Be these in the realm of medicine and vaccine production up to monitoring of vital signs of patients. The introduction of new machines, processes and interconnection of medical equipment have resulted in more people being cured and diseases diagnosed early and managed by healthcare professionals.

Thus, the world has become dependent on these new generation processes and equipment because of the increasing population and need to manage the health of the population. In the last twenty years, medical equipment have multiplied the capabilities of the healthcare sector in servicing the needs and demands mentioned.

No longer are medical equipment be analog but digital health equipment is being used at an faster rate.

Here are the top 10 companies at the forefront of digital health

1.    Medisafe

Compliance to schedules in taking of medication has long been an area of concern. Medisafe presents an app and cloud based database wherein families and friends can monitor medication schedule compliance under their care. This is especially true Type 2 Diabetes patients who are elderly. This increases their adherence rates in taking regular medications for the disease.

2.    Ginger.io

This is a smartphone based app that tracks patients  via their communication and location patters that gives caregivers indications on symptoms or an impending health crisis. Ginger i.o collects data points from patients and is currently being tested in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and in North Carolina, USA.

3.    Setpoint Medical

Setpoint is currently engaged in clinical trials of an implant in the vagus nerve of the neck that when activated reduces the inflammatory reflex. This has promising application on rheumatord arthritis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis which have forms of inflammation that is debilitating to its sufferers.

4.    IBM

IBM is already known for its medical administration systems and by using its Watson supercomputer introduces artificial intelligence into the mix. Data from the most recent studies and trials by the world’s premier oncologists are utilized in combating and managing cancer.

5.    Proteus Digital Health

Digital Medicines such as Helius digital health feedback system is integrated with regular pharmaceuticals  with ingestible sensors. The time of inmgestion is then monitored along with vital signs such as heartrates, activity and rest. It uses a wearable patch that transmit data to a mobile device all the way to healthcare providers.

6.    Doximity

It is akin to “Social Media for Doctors” wherein doctors can exchange secure messages about patients, send digital faxes, look up files of general practitioners and specialists. It is also used for keeping in contact with colleagues from medical school and add accreditation to their continuing medical education.

7.    Lift Labs

Tremors linked with Parkinson’s Disease can be managed by two apps; Lift Pulse and Lift Stride that monitors and measures the tremors of  patients with the aforementioned disease. These prevents shuffling while walking.

8.    Perfint Healthcare

This company manufactures robots such as Robio that targets tumor treatment or therapy. It is useful in drainage, biopsies and pain management for cancer patients. MAXIO is designed to assist in cancer diagnostics, treatment and surgery.

9.    Cliniops

Digitalizing clinical trials to increase efficiency is the engagement of this company. By automating document submission and regular reminders to patients to upload videos and photos, the app can alanalyze trends and problems in real time instead of awaiting the end of a clinical trial.

10.    Evolent Health

The company sells Identifi that collates and does the “crunching” of patient data resulting in more efficient treatments and health management. It is part of software, advisory services and information technology available to hospitals and healthcare providers.

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