Medix CEO, Marc Medina (R) with the Medix team and Co-Founder, Lloyd Tronco (L).
MANILA, Philippines - Following an impactful foray into the dental field, tech startup Medix Digital Solutions, Inc. forges ahead with plans to create a new online platform for eye doctors.

Medix CEO, Marc Medina said, "It's time to bring Electronic Medical Records to a new medical practice.  We now have our eyes trained on the opthalmologists - the eye doctors".

For the past two years, Medix has had its attention centered on dentists.  The journey of converting dentists from the old practice of  keeping records on a 3x5 inch index card with chartings of fillings and actual tooth condition to a digital platform has not been an easy one.  Nevertheless, as smartphones and tablets become an indispensable part of daily life, Medix sees more dentists going online to manage their patient records. 

Medix Co-founder, Lloyd Tronco, sees the new line extension of Medix as a promising product to complement the existing Medix portfolio.  "As a marketing person, I see that the platform for eye doctors will be of great benefit to our startup.  Little by little, Medix is trying to create a full suite of EMR for each specialization", says Tronco, whose ad agency background has helped the startup on the marketing side to speed up traction among users.

In April 2015, mClinica, a global provider of mobile health technology for pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry  acquired a stake in Medix, laying the foundation for a strategic partnership that supports their shared goal of improving healthcare in Asia.

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