In today’s social media awareness, most people who have a gadget in hand are able to connect with the world in a few minutes of browsing. Even the medical doctors who are busy with their schedules can have the opportunity to use social media to their advantage.

In a recent survey conducted by Kantar and in a seminar wherein Kantar was represented, a resource speaker asked how many watched TV regularly. Hands were raised. How many have a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. Hands were raised. The third question was “How many would rather have use of their gadgets instead of watching TV?”. A majority raised their hands.

It only proved a new phenomena. Many professionals are more reliant on their smartphones, tablets and laptops than TV in pursuit of their activities.

The possibilities of using these new technologies with business or in the pursuit of a profession are almost limitless with regards to the conveyance of information and data.

Hobbies of Asia and Artisi Design Services with Medix conducted a workshop titled “Digital Marketing for Doctors”. The aim was to enable healthcare professionals to utilize social media accounts in creating an online presence to better serve patients or to inform potential patients by providing health advisories.

This will generate awareness so that patients and potential patients can be reached via Facebook since the demand for healthcare is increasing and all available technologies must be harnessed. Included in the workshop are steps in capacity building for doctors to reach as many patients and potential patients as possible.,

An online community that is available everywhere 24/7 is the objective according to Artisi Design founder Jem Castro. A community that will provide quality healthcare wherein doctors, specialists and other professionals can be reached by patients using social media is the ultimate aim. A strong presence in cyberspace will connect patients with need forthe services of surgeons, dentists, paediatricians, cardiologists or even general practitioners will be an effective way of providing healthcare.

 With the use of smartphones and other gadgets, speakers were able to demonstrate how social media platforms work and how they can benefit from such a system and network. This demonstrated how maximization of time and resources using technology can be harnessed by medical professionals.

For more information about the Facebook and Digital Marketing workshop for Doctors event, click here – http://bit.ly/1YCj7w

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