Hospital Advisor is an online tool enabling patients to review, choose, and interact with the different hospitals and healthcare facilities in the country. It is a crowd-sourced platform that will offer advice from millions of Filipino patients on the services, healthcare personnel, rates, and general information on all hospitals including both government and private facilities.

The online tool allows one to find the right hospital, the services available in the hospital and allows the patient to Rate, Report and Review the feedback from other patients of all hospitals in the country. This features can uplift the standards of all hospitals in the Philippines. 

The online tool covers 782 public hospitals and 1177 searchable hospitals that give s the patient a wide range of options depending the the facilities, specialization and geographical location of the hospital. Tis online tool is free.

One only has to click http://hospitaladvisor.doh.gov.ph/index.php to avail of the online tool.

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